I can mix my own juice, thank you.

I love a cranberry apple juice combo. First time I had it was in a hotel in Galveston and I got it by accident. Yes. The moment was that important that I remember where I was. Stop judging.

Well, apparently I’m not the only person who knows about this greatness because Cran-Apple juice is sold in stores. I’m sure it’s good. But I don’t want someone else deciding my juice ratios. Listen, I don’t even UNDERSTAND ratios. But I know I would rather mix it myself.

So I buy Cranberry Juice and Apple Juice…not that from concentrate crap either. 100% my friend. No sugar added. That’s how I roll. This way I can mix my own juice, my own way. What if I would prefer a stronger taste of cranberry today but more apple tomorrow? I can do that. That pre-mixed junk? No options. 50/50 (<;–i think that's a ratio).

Also, it's cheaper the way I play. With the mix, you have 1 juice option. With them separate, I have 3 juice options: Cranberry, Apple, Cran-Apple. I guess if you consider the many different mixtures "ratios" there are (I'm sure to many to count) then the juice possibilities are endless..

I bet you want some juice now…you're welcome.


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