I attract creepers, apparently.

The husband and I were at Domino’s recently, and instead of ordering ahead, we went there to order and wait on it. While we were waiting, we were watching everyone who works there because it’s fun. Well, of course, there are teen girls working there and they’re talking to each other and probably not working as hard as they should be. Then there’s this older guy who reminds me of Stanley Hudson from The Office because he looks like he’s there to work and he doesn’t want to be distracted with all the nonesense. THEN there’s this skinny, creepy guy. Who keeps staring at us. He’s working at the counter that faces us so he can watch us. Everytime we look up, he quickly looks away but not fast enough because we see him. THEN he starts whistling like a serial killer. And then the husband says “he looks like the kind of person who chops people up”. He totally does. He looks awkward and like maybe Domino’s is just a place where he finds victims. Like when the police are trying to tie a string of murders together, the realize that all the victims went to Domino’s 3 days before they died and while the police are questioning the employees, creepy guy is just washing his hands and watching them. Because he’s creepy.


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