I’ll give myself a pat on the back for this day

I did pretty good today. We had a pest guy come out to deal with an ant problem we’re having. Gangster Ghost Ants to be exact. Anyway, I knew he was coming, but I didn’t get afraid or text K-Star with his description. Maybe it was because my sister is here. It wasn’t until he was here about 20 minutes that I thought “wow, I’m not freaking out that there’s a stranger here with poison.”

I only had 2 little moments where my imagination got a little wild:

He walked with me around the house so I could point out all the ant’s hiding places and then he said he was going to go get the stuff he needs from the truck. After about 10 minutes, he still wasn’t back. For a moment, I thought…hm…maybe he’s getting all his murder gear? He’s seen all over the house and he met the dogs and knows where the rooms are and stuff…maybe that’s his strategy? no.. I quickly pushed that out of my mind and I literally just wasn’t afraid of him. Until…

I had ONE more little moment when I was upstairs at my desk, and he was downstairs and I could hear him opening doors, and cabinets, and moving stuff around because he was spraying the pesticide…but the noise was strange and for a second I had a Dexter thought…what if he’s just setting up his kill room downstairs?

Stop it Sara. Just Stop it.

He was a really nice guy, and from what I could tell, he was only here to kill one thing: Ants.


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