I totally went all blonde on this one

uh, that's not what I was going for.Yes, That is a picture of toast with cream cheese on one side and butter on the other. NOT on purpose.

Well, you see I wanted two pieces of toast to cover in cream cheese because I hadn’t eaten all day and it was kind of getting to me. But I accidentally got 3 pieces out because the bread stuck together because it’s refrigerated bread and it does that. So I decided to cream cheese 2, and butter 1. I made the first two, cream cheesed them and put them on the paper towel cheese to cheese so I would have room for the 3rd piece. I laid the single piece to the right of the cream cheese sandwich, and then I BUTTERED THE BACK OF THE CREAM CHEESE TOAST. I didn’t even notice right away either. I just saw the blank bread on the right and thought hey, where did that bread come from?
This is what happens when people stress me out and I don’t get enough sleep and then I wait till 3pm to eat. Or maybe it was me switching to 1/2 caff coffee 2 days ago.

Oh, if you’re wondering if it was delicious. Yes, it kind of was.


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