Metal birds have feelings, too

So my mom and sister came to visit a couple weekends ago and my mom was showing me some pictures that my sister took of Sherman posed in the yard…but the pictures she showed me were of Ralph. So I was like, really Mom? You’re not even my mom anymore if you can’t tell my metal birds apart. They’re like your grand birds. They probably need therapy now. They’re going to start drinking.

Then, in anticipation of this blog, I asked her to send me the pictures of Ralph and Sherman she showed me while she was here, and she sent me these:




Wow Mom, Just…wow.

P.S. She has NO idea that I wrote this, nor did I actually give her a hard time to her face about getting confused about her grandbirds. I figure this way is more fun. We’ll see…

P.S.S. Mom, you’re still my mom. But I cried a little.


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  1. Your mom has so many grand birds and grand sharks that she gets confused. That and she has early onset dementia.

  2. I still don’t remember the tall one’s name…

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