High Fives for Everybody

When someone in your life passes on, it makes you think about life and death and what type of impact you’re making on the people in your life. It makes you think of how people will speak of you when your time comes. It makes you wonder how you are being viewed by the people around you. I want to make an impression on the people in my life. I want to be known as someone who had a great deal of patience with others, was kind-hearted and was a spot of sunshine in the lives of those I’ve encountered. I want to be an inspiration to others, and show that having a heart full of Christ is awesome and changes life (and death) for the better.

I also want to be remembered for being funny and finding the humor in all things.

When this life of mine is no more, I want to be positioned in the casket with my right hand up so everyone that comes up can give me high-five. When people walk past my body at the end of the funeral, they will want to cry because I’m sure life without me in it will be unbearable, but then they will be like, Oh she’s giving me a high-five. That’s cool. And they’ll laugh and think “that Sara, always makin’ me laugh, she’s so ridiculous”. And then they’ll tell Chris that I was probably joking when I said I want to be in the casket with my hand up for high-five’s but it’s ok, because it WAS pretty funny and I’m probably laughing from heaven, telling Jesus that I just got 500 people to high-five my dead body. Yes, 500 people will miss me enough to come to my funeral. If only 50 people show up, then my family needs to go out and find 450 more people and bring them along to mourn me. I mean high five me.


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  1. I will crawl in your casket with you until they have me removed. You know my motives. Do not judge me.

    Also, after we spoke about this yesterday, it got me thinking. (yea, you might as well stop reading now). Along with the afore mentioned act, there are several other things I WILL do at your funeral.

    1. I will bring a band of lawn gnomes and place them strategicaly (sp?) around your casket to guard you.

    2. I will wear a floral print in honor of you.

    3. I will pay the sound guy to play the most awesome indie-girl music no one has ever heard of.

    4. I will choreograph a dance with Papa Smurf Randall. This may or may not be interprative dance.

    5. I will have Starbucks cater the event.

    6. I will learn how to spell and proofread before writing your obituary.

    7. I will also purchase the largest metal animal I can find and have it hold the guest book. (This will probably be a giraffe as I refuse to purchase a large metal ape… I mean, what will I do with that afterwards, besides leave it graveside?….oh, wait! I just had an idea!!)

    8. I will leave a large metal ape graveside

    9. I will take your mother out drinking.

    10. I WILL NOT high five you.

    I love you dearly, please do not die.


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