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Excuse me, sir, but your tail is showing

I thought the weird people in California were in the major cities, but apparently I was mistaken.  Santa Barbara has interesting people, too.  It’s a beautiful city, and when I’m walking near the beach I should have been paying attention to the beautiful ocean and the shops, and the artists along the street, but no, I was distracted by the man with the tail in front of me.

I didn’t know squirrels wore flip flops

He looks like a perfectly normal dude walking down the street until you pan down towards the ground and see the tail.  Why? Why does he have a tail? I should have pulled it to see if it was real.  I wonder what he would have done…would he hit me? Yell at me? Scratch me with his hidden squirrel hands?  Maybe he should be on the My Strange Addiction show…maybe it’s deeper than just the tail.  It’s not like it was a full moon or anything, it was the  middle of the afternoon. Yes I know I’m posting this in October, near Halloween, but this picture was taken in August so you can’t argue that he was just dressing up for the holiday.


That Ocean Is A Sneaky Beach

Sign at the entrance to the beach

Things this sign taught me:

1.  The ocean will take your feet right out from under you. But your head will be above water, so it’s ok.

2. A beak will come out of the ocean to eat you if you stand on dry rocks. It will give you no warning.

3. The ocean is sneaky, don’t turn your back on it.  It might steal your wallet.

4.  ooooh shark!