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I love to pick my nose

ok, so that’s not true, but it did get your attention and it did get you to click on my blog but now you just think I’m a liar so I better have something awesome to follow this up.  Right? Well..lucky you I have no idea what I’m going to write about now.  Maybe how my brand new coworker said to me “I still haven’t decided if you’re a serial killer or not” and I had only been there 5 days.  I have no idea why he would say something like that to me.  I mean I’m a nice person, with morals..

Maybe because of a conversation that went like this on my 3rd day of employment:

I can’t remember how we got on this subject but he said something like “if you tried to kill me you would fail because I would take your knife and stab you with it” and I said, I wouldn’t use a knife. So he said ok, I would take your gun.  And I said I wouldn’t use a gun, there’s too much evidence.  And then I just sat there and looked at him while he tried to figure out what I would do…then he said “you would slowly poison my coffee, wouldn’t you?”  And then I just laughed and looked away. 

And then today someone told him I was a kickboxer so he better be nice, and he said I wasn’t scary and another coworker said well she’s probably faster than you, I wouldn’t mess around.  All the while I was just sitting there listening.  See, I don’t even need to talk and people just know that I’m not one to be messed with.

Even though I have literally never been in a fight.  Except that one time where my step brother punched me in the throat.  But that was the beginning and the end of that fight.