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Every marriage needs a healthy dose of fear

When I recently wrote about how badly I want a kitten, I really didn’t think Chris took my kitten threat seriously. However, yesterday he told me that he has stress because every day when he comes home he doesn’t know if there is going to be a kitten here. I am not really sure where or how this came up in our conversation over dinner, but it did and it was wonderful. It’s good to have something in your life to keep you on your toes. I’m home alone all day, so it is fully possible that I will find a kitten on my lunchtime run, or maybe I’ll be buying dog food at the pet store and they’ll be having a kitten sale. I actually found a kitten when we were on vacation in California a few days ago. I was mid conversation in the kitchen with a couple family members, and I saw this little black and white ball of adorable walk across the sitting area outside and I said Ohhh Kitten, and walked outside. I fully expected the cat to run from me because they usually do, but this one meowed a sad little sound and let me play with it! It was so cute and sweet and you could tell that it recently had a human family because you could see the indentation in it’s fur from a collar. I would pet it, and it would roll back on it’s back and play with me and even today I am reminded of my little furry friend when I look at the scratches all over my hand. Cats are fiesty like that. They’re like oh I love you, pet me but don’t get to comfortable, remember I have sharp claws, see? I told Chris I needed to find a way to smuggle it on the airplane. I could just zip it up in my giant purse and be like shhhh kitty, just stay here under the seat, we’ll be home soon. And then we would live happily every after.


Next time, I’m stealing a squirrel.

Ok…stealing is not the right word.  Relocating.  Next time, I’m relocating a squirrel.  Preferrably a pregnant one so I can get like a twofer…or a however- many-babies-a-squirrel-has-fer. Yes, this is another blog about California: On the side of Pacific Coast Highway, we saw a sign for “Elephant Seal Lookout Point”.  Heck yeah! Let’s look at some giant seals!  What we didn’t expect was all the coastal squirrels that would greet us as we got out of the car:

yum. I bet he was “droppin it like it’s hot” after this

Should be a commercial. Starring Martin the Squirrel.

curious little squirrel.. i should have snatched him up


Oh yeah, Elephant Seals…That’s why we pulled over right? I guess I should include a picture…

 UPDATED:  SunDrop’s new commercial is about Squirrels and Sundrop.  WHAT!? How did they NOT contact me about this? HEY, SUNDROP!! YOU SHOULD HAVE USED MY SQUIRREL PICTURES FOR YOUR COMMERCIAL..or me because I LOVE Sundrop.  Anyway, I hope one day sundrop is available everywhere and that all people in the world get a chance to taste the wonderful goodness of Sun Drop (diet, or regular).  This is my wish for the world.  Also that they all know Jesus.

I saved their life and they didn’t even thank me

I’m on a family road trip from Dallas TX to Central California in a pathfinder. This is (some of) my story:

We pulled over in the middle of nowhere Arizona to sleep at 2 something am. I wake up to the sound of my mom saying “no, pull off the road farther”. We come to a stop and the windows get rolled down and the back window on the back door of the SUV is popped so I can have some cool desert air. Being a little paranoid, I only crack the window enough for a breeze. I don’t want the window all the way open..I can’t make it that easy for someone to take me. I sit up and all I see is grass and bushes and desert surrounding the car. I’m NOT ok with that. All I can think about is that tiny people or children are sneaking up and are going to snatch us up. They’re crouching low behind the brush waiting until the unsuspecting family from Texas is asleep. Well, THIS Texan wasn’t falling asleep. No way. I’m laying in the back of the car, body still, eyes wide open, brain active when a gust of wind hits the back window behind my head. OK! I’m up! I wake up my parents and say I can’t stay here, if you need to sleep that’s fine I’ll drive, but if we stay here I will get no sleep. None. Let me drive. Of course they’re like why?? So I reply, I have a very real fear of being murdered out here. Ever seen The hills have eyes? I have, and I’m not going out like that. Not now, not never.

So, because of me we got to California sooner and were able to spend a day at the beach AND I saved my (ungrateful) family from being murdered by the desert people in Arizona. Go me.