Awesome is a State of Mind

Just in case you aren’t sure and were wondering why on earth I was so lucky to get a last name like awesome…Awesome is not my last name.

and I love Sundrop (drop it like it’s hot). I should have been in that commercial.
I am a victim of too much Law and Order and am suspicious of everyone so I come up with plans for safety everywhere I go.  Chainsaw killer at work? There’s a plan for that.  Crazy person busting into church? There’s a plan for that.  Strangulation by cable service man? There’s a plan for that. Murdering children in the desert? There’s a plan for that. WAIT. Not a plan for murdering children.  That’s sick.  and I’m totally against that.  The plan is a defensive plan against crazy murderous children who want to kill you while you’re sleeping in the desert. And the plan is to run, not murder the children.  DON’T MURDER CHILDREN.  Or anybody.  Anyway, I’m basically prepared for everything.

I’m left-handed which is probably what makes me the awesome that I am.

I’m pretty much the sunshine in every situation. I try to point out the good, the positive, the happy. I smile every day. No matter what. I laugh, I joke, I survive.

Even the chinese think I’m awesome.

I have an amazing support system of friends and family:
My mother is lovingly realistic. My brothers and sister keep me smiling.
My friends…well they just laugh at me. Which is why I started a blog. So hopefully, I can make you laugh, too.

  1. We don’t laugh AT you…. a lot.

  2. I already like you. You say “awesome” almost as much as I do.

  3. Clint Boehringer

    Good thing you didn’t freak out like the girl who worked at GRG for about two weeks, accidentally cut her finger not bad at all. Left work and never came back. ha ha, poor girl. Good job on the lamp though.

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